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Do you want to be healthy and strong during and after pregnancy?

Here's how.

Kayla Figueiredo is a Pre and Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist (PPNCS) and Physiotherapist. 

We are able to provide:

- guidance on exercise during and after pregnancy

- lessen the aches and pains of pregnancy

- decrease the amount of interventions used in delivery

- enable a faster recovery after delivery

Your kiddies are always welcome in our sessions to make it easier for you to take care of you!

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Prenatal / Postnatal Assessment

This comprehensive assessment will allow you to have an understanding of lifestyle adjustments and exercises that your body needs at this important time.

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Prenatal Personal Training

Each week, we will meet for one hour sessions.

No more wondering about what can and cannot be done during your pregnancy.

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Postnatal Personal Training

We will meet as soon as you are ready after birth. 

 We are experienced with recovery from vaginal &

c-section deliveries.

Make a booking for your assessment today

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